Aircom Videos

Aircom Videos 

AIRCOM is an Italian company specialized in design and production of high performance piping and fittings for compressed air and pressure fluid systems.


The AIRCOM system allows reducing installation, maintenance and system management costs. However, the installation shall be optimally executed by authorized, qualified and specialized personnel, accurately following the provided instructions to obtain the expected reliability, security and performance results. The lines shall always be slightly slanting towards a condensate collection and discharge point. In order to guarantee constant maintenance of the system or a general intervention, it is advisable not to install the system underground. Provide inspection wells in case of underground installation

Installation Aircom Videos

For more information on Aircom installation of specific product ranges visit the installation page. There you will find information on HR Polymer Composite installation, Aluminum Range Install, Grooved Fittings Install and a section for accessories: quick branch drop install, wall mounted manifold installation, multi-layer pipe preparation and much more. If you can’t find the information you are looking for visit our Aircom sales contact page for ways to reach us.  

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Aircom Piping System

The vast range of accessories will allow you, not only to operate in complete safety, but also to speed up installation work and plant maintenance. The Accessories range include a set of equipment specifically designed for the Quick Line Aluminum and Quick Line HR-Polymer resulting in rapid, professional assembly. Thanks to the new multilayer pipe, you can shape pipe sections in problematic areas, overcoming obstacles in the easiest and fastest way possible. Assembly is done professionally and rapidly with the complete range of screw nut wrenches and dedicated tools.