AIRCOM Piping System


Quick Line product line you can reduce installation time by about 45% compared to traditional systems

Owing to innovative Quick Line technology, easy-mounting pipe assembly and direct connection fittings will enable you to create your piping system in few, easy steps



Durability and corrosion resistance of our products provide you a unique, comprehensive system.

Careful study and design of shapes and of materials also grant extremely low pressure drops without air leakages, with resulting remarkable energy savings

AIRCOM Connection Technology

A complete system of pipes and fittings in aluminum.

The fittings are made in painted, die-cast aluminium and are available in diameters:

20-25-32-40-50-63-80-110-168-220 mm

The entire range of threaded fittings is available with GAS or NPT thread.

20 (3/4″) – 80mm (3″) Aluminum 

aircom piping system

aircom piping system

110mm (4″) Aluminum 

aircom piping specs 110mm

Aircom Piping System Pays For Itself

Eliminate Wated Air & Leaks

Our components in aluminum, techno polymer and HIP guarantee superior, above-average performance.

Modular Design

Flexibility of use and greater adaptability to the specific usage requirements.

Expandability According to Requirements

The system grows with the plant.

Easy, Rapid Install

Reduction in labor costs and ease of intervention.

Optimum, Constant Performance

Constant energy savings over time.

Aircom Piping System

The vast range of accessories will allow you, not only to operate in complete safety, but also to speed up installation work and plant maintenance. The Accessories range include a set of equipment specifically designed for the Quick Line Aluminum and Quick Line HR-Polymer resulting in rapid, professional assembly. Thanks to the new multilayer pipe, you can shape pipe sections in problematic areas, overcoming obstacles in the easiest and fastest way possible. Assembly is done professionally and rapidly with the complete range of screw nut wrenches and dedicated tools.

Looking to complete the entire system? Aluminum Pipe Now is part of the Compressor Now Group, we have all the equipment and accessories needed for the most efficient & productive system.