Double S-Bend Aluminum Pipe

Aircom Double s-bend

Double S-Bend Aluminum Pipe

$22.80$29.92 PER SINGLE PIECE

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$22.80$29.92 PER SINGLE PIECE

QLSCI – Aircom Quick Line Double Bend (aluminum), Blue

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Aircom Double S-Bend Pipe

QLSCI – Aircom Quick Line Double Bend (aluminum), Blue for drops and obstructions. Use with a tee or quick drop branch off of the header line to get your point of use drops perfectly flush againt the wall when your header supports are not aligned.

Code Ø inch length qty / bag
QLSCI016 16 1/2″ 19.5 5
QLSCI020 20 3/4″ 19.5 5
QLSCI025 25 1″ 19.5 5

Use the S-Bend pipe to go around obstructions, bring drop line closer or further from wall. The S-Bend can be angled in the fitting to get it to the right distance from or around obstruction. the Aircom double s-bend pipe comes in standard drop diameters of 16mm, 20mm & 25mm.

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