Aircom Polymer Tee Reducing

Aircom Polymer Tee Reducing

Aircom Polymer Tee Reducing

$18.53$75.52 PER SINGLE PIECE

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$18.53$75.52 PER SINGLE PIECE

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Aircom Polymer Tee Reducing

Quick Line HR-Polymer Composite – A complete system of pipes in aluminum and fittings in HR-Polymer Composite. The fittings are made in HR-Polymer Composite and are available in diameters:

16202532405063 mm

The entire range of threaded fittings is available with GAS or NPT thread. The polymer composite series is a low cost

Use to Connect 2 Equal Pieces of Pipe with a 3rd smaller piece of pipe. For 3 equal connections use the equal tee.

Code Ø inch qty / bag
QLTRPA020016 20X16 3/4″X1/2″ 5
QLTRPA025016 25X16 1″X1/2″ 5
QLTRPA025020 25X20 1″X3/4″ 5
QLTRPA032020 32X20 1.1/4″X3/4″ 2
QLTRPA032025 32X25 1.1/4″X1″ 2
QLTRPA040020 40X20 1.1/4″X3/4″ 2
QLTRPA040025 40X25 1.1/2″X1″ 2
QLTRPA040032 40X32 1.1/2″X1 1/4″ 2
QLTRPA050020 50X20 2″X3/4″ 1
QLTRPA050025 50X25 2″X1″ 1
QLTRPA050032 50X32 2″X1.1/4″ 1
QLTRPA050040 50X40 2″X1.1/2″ 1
QLTRPA063020 63X20 2 1/2″X3/4″ 1
QLTRPA063025 63X25 2.1/2″X1″ 1
QLTRPA063040 63X40 2.1/2″X1.1/2″ 1
QLTRPA063050 63X50 2.1/2″X2″ 1

Aircom Polymer Tee Reducing Construction

aircom polymer union

AIRCOM is the only company that offers a complete range of piping systems differentiated by features and performance.

Our constant drive to innovate has led to two new piping systems: Quick Line with aluminum pipes and with fittings in aluminum and in HR-Polymer Composite. Both systems stand out in terms of speed and ease of assembly and for their modular characteristics.

Aircom aluminum pipe fro compressed air polymer fittings

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1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2"

Aircom Series

HR-Polymer Composite