Aircom Aluminum End Cap

Aircom Aluminum End Cap

Aircom Aluminum End Cap

$15.94$786.50 PER SINGLE PIECE

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$15.94$786.50 PER SINGLE PIECE

Use the Aircom end caps to terminate a line. End caps can be removed for later continuation of the line or the installation of a drop. Available in 20mm to 220mm

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Aircom Aluminum End Cap

Use the caps to terminate a line. End caps can be removed later to continue a line.

Code Ø inch qty / bag
QLCAAL020 20 3/4″ 2
QLCAAL025 25 1″ 2
QLCAAL032 32 1.1/4″ 2
QLCAAL040 40 1.1/2″ 1
QLCAAL050 50 2″ 1
QLCAAL063 63 2.1/2″ 1
QLCAAL080 80 3″ 1
QLCAAL168 168 6″ 1

Quick Line Aluminum

A complete system of pipes and fittings in aluminum.

The fittings are made in painted, die-cast aluminum and are available in diameters:

20253240506380110168 & 220 mm

The entire range of threaded fittings is available with GAS or NPT thread.

Aircom systems pay for themselves.

5 main reasons:

  1. Eliminate Wasted Air and Leaks – Our components in aluminum, technopolymer and HIP guarantee superior, above-average performance.
  2. Modular Design – Flexibility of use and greater adaptability to the specific usage requirements.
  3. Expandability According to Requirements – The system grows with the plant.
  4. Easy, Rapid Installation – Reduction in labor costs and ease of intervention.
  5. Optimum, Constant Performance – Constant energy savings over time.

The Quick Line Aircom Piping System is an easy installation process, saving you time, energy and money. The aluminum construction supplies clean air and a product that does not corrode like traditional compressed air piping materials. The Aircom Aluminum End Cap is a great way to set your system up for future use and additions.

Aircom aluminum pipe fro compressed air aluminum fittingslarge diameter end cap aircom Aircom Aluminum End Cap

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Aircom Series

Grooved Series, Quick Line Aluminum