Multi-layer Pipe Bending Springs

Multi-layer Pipe Bending Springs

pipe bending spring

Multi-layer Pipe Bending Springs

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$58.42$59.85 PER SINGLE PIECE

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Multi-layer Pipe Bending Springs

Use the Pipe springs on the inside and the outside to keep the bend of the pipe from creasing or breaking. Neglecting to use inner and outer support can lead to damage to the pipe and cause it to be unusable for air pressure.

Multi-layer Pipe Inner Bending Spring

Code Ø inch qty / bag
DIRMOLMLINT016 16 1/2″ 1
DIRMOLMLINT020 20 3/4″ 1
DIRMOLMLINT025 25 1″ 1

Multi-layer Pipe Outer Bending Spring

Code Ø inch qty / bag
DIRMOLMLEST016 16 1/2″ 1
DIRMOLMLEST020 20 3/4″ 1
DIRMOLMLEST025 25 1″ 1

Use for Aircom Multi-Layer Pipe

The Aircom Multi-layer pipe comes in 1/2″,3/4″ and 1″ diameters. Pipe can be used with either the aluminum series or the polymer series fittings.

Multilayer pipe for compressed air

Owing to its peculiar structure, Aircom’s multilayer pipe for compressed air piping delivers excellent physical and chemical features, typical of PE-RT. The aluminum layer incorporated in the structure of the multilayer pipe provides for resistance to high pressure and to high operating temperatures. Ease of installation combined with material lightness enable an easy shaping of piping
sections in problem areas to overcome obstacles in the simplest way

  • Specific pipe for compressed air piping.
  • Easy creation of shaped piping sections.
  • Easy overcoming of obstacles, corners, pillars etc.
  • Easy installation owing to its bendability.
  • Linear thermal expansion factor similar to aluminum pipe.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Outstanding durability.

Overcome obstacles.

Bendable Multi-layer Pipe

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