Aircom Basic Piping Kit Coverage 515 Sq Ft

aircom basic piping kit

Aircom Basic Piping Kit Coverage 515 Sq Ft


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Kit is 46 linear feet with 3 drops. 1/2″ piping & connections

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Aircom Basic Piping Kit

Aircom Basic Piping Kit is 46 linear feet with 3 drops. 1/2″ piping & connections. Perfect for a smaller garage or shop. Coverage area is 515 square Feet with Recommended 5.5 HP Max compressor.

Quick Line Kit

The high quality of AIRCOM‘s large industrial piping systems for compressed air is now also accessible to SMEs and professionals –but also to hobbyists!– who, due to the smaller size of their piping systems, were previously often forced to resort to fallback solutions.
The Quick Line Kit Series is a modular series of ready-to-install kits for compressed air piping systems: they are easy to assemble and do not require any intervention of a specialized installer or use of sophisticated and expensive equipment.
The Basic, Standard and Professional kits (Pro Kit One, Pro Kit Two & Pro Kit Three) are available in diameter sizes from 16 to 40mm, covering lengths up to 100 linear meters with a maximum of 10 drops, and come with all components necessary to assemble the piping system. Aluminum pipes come already pre-chamfered. To meet every need for customization and expansion of your piping system over the time, Piping Expansion Kits are available to increase the linear meters of piping coverage, as well as Drops Expansion Kits to implement all drops you may need.

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Aircom Basic Piping Kit

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